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This is the ROE mailing list server

From the ROE local area network, you can view a list of all mailing lists hosted on this server at Once you know the name of the mailing list and go to<listname> for more information.

If you are a mailing list owner, also go to the listinfo for your list. From there you can find the administration interface through a hyperlink in the footer of the page. There are a lot of things in the admin interface to change the behaviour of the list. In general you should perhaps restrict yourself to the things listed below and contact IT Support for any other aspects of your list you would like to have changed.

  1. In the "general options" there should be a sensible description of your list. Firstly, the "terse phrase" is included in e-mail headers of messages sent out to the list. Secondly, the "introductory description" becomes part of the web page describing your list.
  2. In the "general options" you may want to remove the subject prefix.
  3. In "passwords" you can change the administrator password.
  4. In "membership management" you can view the list of members, and you can "mass subscribe" or "mass remove" list members. Don't be put off by the word "mass", it works quite well to subscribe or remove a single e-mail address, too. Simply enter the e-mail address(es) in the text area for that purpose.
  5. In "tend to pending moderator requests" you can deal with moderated postings (such as non-members trying to send to the list) and with moderated subscription requests (someone wanting to join or leave the list).

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